Who am I? What was my past? What is the purpose of my present? What does the Future hold for me?

These are the question that surrounds us all the time and are always there at the back of our mind. Every time a problem arises, these questions arise along and we feel lost and exhausted. The stress of those is already too much to bear and when such questions come along, it almost gets too tiring for our minds and soul. Accept it or not, we all always question, why me? What have I done? I’m going so right then why am I the one struggling? These are very few examples but that one word keeps troubling us all the time, WHY?

Well, I personally struggled a lot with this “why” and when I found my answers, I realised how much relief it gives and how satisfying it is to get the answers and to know the purpose of everything that is happening in your life. I wouldn’t be exaggerating if say that half of our healing is done and things are resolved by just knowing the reasons behind it. This I’m saying with not just my experience but the experience of hundreds of my clients that I was able to help and they got deeply healed. 

Which Therapy Can Be Useful?

Akashic Records Reading is the right medium if you have so many “whys” in your life too. They are such in-depth records of your whole journey from the very past to your present time. Remember getting report cards at the end of each year which carry the scores of every subject to explain how well have you done in the past year? Now think about getting a detailed report card that gives you the score of a bigger school, and more important subjects, and tells you what class or grade you are at. How thrilling as well as extremely useful it would be to get a review of your past journey. 

This school or university is this entire world, people around us are our classmates, and the problems and difficult circumstances are our teachers. This you might be aware of but are you aware that what area you excel in or what area you need more lessons or improvement for? What if Universe which is our headmaster or the upper one wants to convey something or reveal all these secrets to you? How do you receive that?

You get it through our Akashic records in Delhi as I can confidently say with decades of experience that our records carry in-depth important aspects of your journey and getting Akashic Records done is one of the biggest solutions you can find for your problems and unlock the beautiful future and fortune that has been blocked because we have forgotten a lot in such a long journey.  

Does Healing With Akashic Records Really Heal? 

Our souls have created everything that we encounter in this life. It is built on the knowledge gained from prior events and lessons. The subconscious mind stores these teachings in the form of beliefs. Situations in our lives reflect these ideas.

The conscious mind is like a blank slate and does not recall the experiences of the soul’s previous incarnations when the soul joins another physical body.

However, the soul believes that it is essential for this new conscious mind to be aware of the lessons it has already learnt. In order to make this person believe that it is actually dangerous to trust, it introduces them to a succession of untrustworthy people. Hence, Akashic records in new Delhi online helped many individuals.