These past life regression training sessions are for those who genuinely wish to improve spiritually and help others and also, to become aware of life through meditation and get spiritual growth. We have a basic course which can be taken by the person for his/her own personal growth and we also have a professional course that is to be taken by those who want to work professionally in this area.

Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy Training

Course contents need to be noted down and kept in consideration before taking any further steps.

  1. Detailed explanations and discussion over the concept of Past life regression.
  2. Detailed explanations and discussion for all types of past life regression therapies. Those are relationships, careers, finance, studies, spirituality, etc.
  3. Detailed explanations and discussion about the levels of consciousness and how past life regression studies can help us to improve those levels.
  4. Detailed explanation and discussion of the concept of Karmas.
  5. Detailed explanation and discussion of the concept of Healing.
  6. Observation of practical sessions done by the therapist.
  7. Practical sessions of the trainee on all the subjects.
  8. Practical sessions are also designed for the trainee to do. 

Duration Of Course:

  • Two days per week in a month of Past life regression training (8 sessions in all).
  • Days are flexible and decided mutually as per the convenience of the trainer and trainee.

Contact for more information regarding training:


Call- +91-8860311655