This is the feedback given by our clients. To fulfill our commitment to keeping their identity confidential, we cannot disclose the names.

My personal experiences of visiting this place for PLR have been outstanding. I got rid of physical problem which was persistent for about 20 years. Another point of continuous trauma was explained to me during the session. I recommend this place with full dedication and complete faith.
I felt relaxed and my fear for water reduced. After few self-healing meditation sessions that were suggested by Neelam mam, my aqua phobia is completely healed.
Feeling very calm and now I know every reason for the basic problem and after regression, I’m no more confused about any cause of the problem and very happy. No questions are left anymore, now that I know that everything is happening because of my own choices that I made to learn my lessons. No one else is responsible, only I’m responsible for everything
I went for this therapy for the very first time under the guidance of Ms. Neelam Singh. I was really scared but she calmed all my fears and helped me being relaxed. She is a very genuine person who is also a master of her profession. I was able to see many visions of my past lives and they helped me to understand my present life in different aspects. I am really thankful to madam for this experience and I hope this experience will help me to be a better person. As she guided me, I am paying more attention towards meditation now Thanks again
She is a brilliant mediator, a great counselor, and a healer. Thanks, Smarana for this wonderful experience. Thanks for healing my pain and fording the answers to my questions that I was looking for.
My experience with Smarana had been awesome and enlightening. I always had the desire to undergo Past Life Regression (PLR) to visualise what was I in my past lifes, but couldn’t find time. After contacting Smarana on phone they advised me of Akashik Records which will also provide details of past life(s) and also provide details of Karmic Connections and Solutions for each life. So I went for it. Once I got my Akashik Record on email from Smarana, I was amazed at the accuracies of descriptions contained within the record.  I could relate my behaviours, fears desires, traits etc in my current life with the descriptions contained in the records. The core Characteristics of my soul were also accurately listed, which reflects my personality in current life. The records also accurately detailed a number of incidents that had happened in my current life. The descriptions of the incidents within the records also matched with predictions of many other palm readers, Psychics to whom I have consulted in past. I know understand my life better and am in a position to handle it better following the solutions provided throughout the record. I must also commend the excellent service provided by Smarana by promptly answering all the questions I had, after receiving my Akashik Record. They are very caring. Their post service is very caring and comforting. I am so much impressed with accuracies of the records that I am planning to do the PLR through them as well. In the end I will say that I had an excellent experience with Smarana and with full confidence can recommend them. Thank you for all that they did for me.
It was a wonderful experience to go to a past life and learn so many beautiful things. It is good to get awakened at an early stage to purify and make our life more enchanting and worthwhile
Hi Mam, Had come to you 2 weeks back for past life regression therapy. Have started with my prayers and meditation, feeling relaxed and better so thanks for this experience
The very relaxing and rejuvenating experience and I saw 3 lives that really helped me
A truly different experience, after a past life regression session I’m feeling more confident and much relaxed. Relaxed to know that the uneasiness is coming from a different lifetime and nothing to do with present so I have enough time now to overcome and live happily. Thank you Smarana