Akashic Records-

Akashic Record, also known as “Chitragupta ki Kitab” or “The Book of Life” is a record where all karmic details have been written for every human being. Not just karmic details, but the journey of each soul, their growth, their bonds, all their past lives, present situations and future possibilities.

Akashic reading helps us to access those events which now influence our present life in different ways, such as emotional suffering, health issues, financial troubles, fears, and much more.

Akashic records also teach us how important our Karmas are because a wrong deed will make us suffer a lot until we learn the lesson and how a good action can be much more rewarding and satisfactory.

Akashic records tell you about those past lives that have been affecting your present life in some way or the other. It covers every part of your life, be it health, finances, relations, career, etc. Akashic records also let you know your karmic cycles and problems along with the solutions to come out of them and rectify/heal them completely. The Akashic Records also tell you about your future in this life and some important events that might take place so that you do not miss any good opportunities and be aware of the bad things and take precautions in advance. It answers all your unresolved problems/questions and allows you to live a peaceful and contended life.

How Akashic Records Can Help us?

Since Akashic records contain each detail of a human’s actions, emotions, journey, rewards, punishments, and many more, so, whenever we are into trouble or facing some serious issues, these records can enlighten us about the root and cause of our every problem and also give us the answers and solutions to make things right. The best part of Akashic records in Delhi is that it has all, the past, the present and the future. When you access Akashic records, it will not only give the details of your ongoing issues but everything related to your present and future progression therapy.

Who Should Consider This Option?

Usually, you try to find such therapies or services only when you face some problem in your life. But these records can very much be used before you fall into the trap of your oldest habits and patterns. This might include what you have been accustomed to throughout the journey of your many lives.

That’s another best part of Akashic reading you don’t have to sit and wait till troubles arrive at your door as unexpected guests. Instead, you can very much be well-prepared in advance if you know your present life journey and what all should be taken care of. So the answer is that everyone can take help and guidance from Akashic reading in some form or the other. For this, we always have the best Akashic reading service in India.

How Akashic Record Has Helped Our Clients?

The Akashic Records have helped a lot of our clients in many ways. Those seekers who were unable to go into past life regression or those who needed more or overall guidance in life or who had multiple problems got their Akashic records done and the results were remarkable. For example, a client had to choose between two suitors, the one who would be the best compatible match for her marriage. She got her Akashic Records accessed and her past lives with the two suitors were revealed by the Akashic Records along with future possibilities for her married life with them. She could make her choice after this revelation by the Akashic records and today she is living a good life with her partner. Another case that involved relationships was of a middle-aged man who first came for past life regression but then got his Akashic Records done as he was unable to go into the regression. His issue was that in his whole life, he never had any happy romantic relations and most of them were short-lived. His Akashic records revealed a life in which he was betrayed by his soul mate due to which he was very hurt and created a blockage in his aura which didn’t allow him to have good relationships. The Akashic records also revealed to him the solution to his problem as well as guidance for his future.

The Akashic Records not only helped him with his relationship part but the solutions also were revealed for his financial and career parts as he was also facing problems in this area, which were revealed to us later. Our clients have also told us about receiving messages from the divine in their dreams while their Akashic records were being accessed.

This is because their Spiritual vision was opened due to the access to their Akashic records, this also helps people to grow spiritually with fewer efforts. Akashic Records of some seekers also revealed their famous past lives and their major impacts on the present. Akashic Records are very helpful on the part of health problems as well and many clients have been healed through it with the healing done during Akashic reading and also with the solutions provided.

Overall, this is something that never lets you fail and this has not only been confirmed by my own experience but by the experience and amazement shared by our clients too.