Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy Services 

Although these therapies helps with almost all the problems, we are sharing some of the major issues that people face. Apart from these, our therapies help with blockages and other unexplained issues that you are unable to solve and understand.

We provide past life regression and hypnotherapy services in Delhi & NCR and online services are available for all pan India.

Past life regression is a solution to the problems that we carry from our previous lives that are still affecting our present life, and sometimes the impacts are so overwhelming that we are unable to understand or handle certain situations.

This also becomes more complicated when we review the past of present life and find no cause for such feelings or problems. Through past life regression, we go and search for the root cause of our present problems and with proper guidance and healing, we get rid of such issues.

Whereas, hypnotherapy can help you deal with certain behavioural and personality issues.

Hypnotherapy allows you to understand yourself better. Hypnotherapy works in confidence-boosting, personality development, addictions, anger management, anxiety, depression, stress management, removing energy blockages, etc. 

Past life regression & hypnotherapy can be done based on any topic, out of which the following are some problems we face:

Relationship Regression – Relationships are a crucial part of our lives. Most of our problems are related to our relations only. Sometimes we phase relationship issues like we are not happy with others, or sometimes, others are not happy with us.

We sometimes feel a deep bonding at the start itself and sometimes, with some people, we feel so negative or detached from the beginning itself that we try to avoid them although they haven’t done anything wrong.

To understand the real nature of our relations, we need to go back to our previous lifetimes and see what dynamics and connections we shared.

When we go through past life regression training we can understand the reality of the relationship we have been sharing with certain people and can also understand that who has been at fault mostly and what needs to be corrected to improve it. We also become aware of the mistakes that we made in a past life and can correct them in this life so that a negative cycle or pattern comes to an end.

In relationships, you can also find all about your soul mate and twin flames. 

Health Regression– Here, past life regression or hypnotherapy helps you in curing the pain or issues that has no medical reason or haven’t been healed despite many treatments or medical assistance. There are many cases where people have such pains that they are not able to resolve or find the reason for it even after so many medical treatments and checkups.

Such pains are mental or at times are the impacts coming from our pasts and easily can be cured with the help of past life regression or hypnotherapy. In such cases, we go back in time and see the reason behind it.

Once health healers know the cause and the health healing is done during the sessions, pain/problems start disappearing. 

Financial Regression– Another problem that comes from which we go through past life regression. We all wonder why somebody is blessed with all the luxuries, and someone doesn’t even get one-time food.

Why is there a difference? On what basis are we given this or that life?

Many of us deal with financial blockage and sometimes get so frustrated that we start blaming God or our luck, but there is always a reason which can be found through past life regression.

When we go into the past life regression, we get to know what energies are blocking our finances and with the help of financial healing, we find the solution and things are healed. For example, it happens sometimes that in some life, we have money but don’t value it or misuse it so in the next life we have to go through a financial crisis to understand the value. And once we see it and heal it during the session and apologize during the healing sessions, energies can be transformed and the blockages are removed.

It’s all about learning lessons and improving our souls in every aspect of life. Once we know the reason, we become calm and deal with the situation in a better way.

Career Regression– That is the prevalent problem which is seen nowadays, and you might think that what this has to do with past life regression but the fact is that past life regression can help you in this area also as problems related to career issues such as-

  • You work hard, but the result is not good.
  • You are good and confident, but when the situation comes, you become nervous, but you don’t know why.
  • In every job you take, you find people who want to exploit you.
  • Every place you go to study, you end up getting into the wrong company.
  • You find yourself incapable of making a decision and so on.

All these problems do belong to the past life and by doing the past life regression one can understand the situation as it sometimes happens that we make some wrong decisions and suffer a lot in the past and that goes so deep into our soul that we carry that fear or impacts in every life and attract such problems because of our own energies. When the same situation comes, we unconsciously become weak, and it will go on till we face the condition in a right and positive way in any of our life. Past life regression helps you in realizing your weakness, and healing allows you to come out of it.

Depression Regression– We often experience strange or unexplainable sadness within ourselves. A restlessness that you cannot understand why is happening to you. One doesn’t feel like doing anything and wants to be lost in thoughts that you are not even aware of.

We cannot be happy completely and live our life happily as a strange depression keeps us sad all the time and the frustrating part is that we don’t know where it is coming from?

In such cases, past life regression or hypnotherapy can help us in finding the cause of depression. With the help of it, we can cure it completely with time. Once we are aware of the root cause and understand the whole situation, we slowly start coming out of it and live our lives with contentment in each moment.