Namaste, You Have Just Reached The Door That Has The Solution To All Your Problems

Welcome to the place which can be a perfect medium to connect you to the love and help that universe is trying to send you to overcome all your problems and answer all your unresolved mysteries. This will help you to get solutions to all your problems that are keeping you away from living your happy and healthy life and finally be on a platform that can give you the strength and awareness to walk on the path that is meant for you and grow in your spiritual journey with a Spiritual Healer and Counselor in Delhi.

Past Life Regression and Hypnotherapy & Healing Centre



Our services are available for everyone in form of online sessions and distance services. Please get in touch with us for further information.

We Provide Online Counseling to Choose the Right Therapy

Anxiety and stress are common these days. Things get worst if some kind of trauma is also attached to it that we all suffer consciously or unconsciously in our life in some way or the other. Spiritual healings in form of Past Life Regression, hypnotherapy and Akashic records are able to address your issues on point and provide the right healing by helping you in breaking your old negative patterns. The oldest and most common pattern we all have is the anxiety and stressful nature of us humans that increase with traumatic or unfortunate incidents. 

These therapies focus deeply on the connection of body and soul and help you have a right and balanced connection by revealing your past journey and key problems of your journey. Our hypnotherapy services along with other available services such as Past Life Regression and Akashic records have greatly been successful and have been healing our precious seekers. You can also avail of our services to unlock your fortune and healing through Smarana Spiritual Centre in Delhi-NCR. We avail offline services also so distance is never a barrier.

Make Your Life easy with Smarana

Life is a beautiful gift but due to our daily life issues such as career, studies, relationships, health, finance etc. We all come to a point where we find everything meaningless or even feel that life is so unfair. 

We get so frustrated with our problems sometimes that either we take it on people around us or we punish ourselves by suppressing our emotions. In any case, we end up harming ourselves and our loved ones. Sometimes we are either unable to understand the whole situation or just want to control it but whatever we do it all ends up with overwhelming emotions like loneliness, anxiety, depression, frustration, behavioural disorders, heartbreak, suicidal tendencies, etc. 


At such a point in time, we all really need someone or someplace where we could find the answers or solutions to our problems and every question. This is such a place where you can come seeking help or guidance anytime. Our main work is not just to show you your past life and karmic journey or to help you with your present situation but our work is to teach you to live your life with acceptance, happiness, and awareness. Good times and bad times are both an equal part of our life and we cannot always wish for happiness so we have to learn to see our problems as a witness and handle them with patience and awareness then the problem will not affect us much. The only reason that problems affect us so much is that we don’t accept difficult times as patiently as we do accept good times and that creates barriers and blockages. One should understand that what we get is what we have earned through our Karmic journey. Once we understand this, we start living our life with totality and awareness and those who learn to live this way cannot do wrong Karmas anymore.

Why Smarana?


Our connection doesn’t end with therapies or sessions but the guidance and support stay for a lifetime and you can anytime connect with us through call, WhatsApp, chat or email. We will respond to you in the shortest time.

We have something for everyone and it’s rare for people to leave empty-handed from our place but we would again say it’s your journey and you have to walk on it so it’s not going to help if you put efforts and awareness in an equal measure.

We wouldn’t call it low cost but affordable compared to others and the quality, services, and benefits are much more compared to the cost of therapy.


If it’s about the process, it is a combination of deep meditation & hypnosis. Our multiple life-transforming therapies work with the help of divine blessings of spiritual guides and masters that assures you to show you the divine light and the right path to follow and come out of your struggle.
Our therapies are helpful for problems such as health, relationships, financial blockages, fear & phobias, anxiety & Depression, personality disorders, addictions, confession, meditations, personality development, spiritual, and soul nourishment, and emotional traumas & other unexplainable conditions. We can say, it helps with almost all problems.
It can take a maximum of 2 hours for Past life regression and hypnotherapy. For healing sessions, it requires an hour at max.
As for precaution, we only recommend you to come after a good amount of rest and with enough time that is required for the therapy.

Since all the therapies are based on spiritual science, there are no after-effects.


I felt relaxed and my fear for water reduced. After few self-healing meditation sessions that were suggested by Neelam mam, my aqua phobia is completely healed.
It was a wonderful experience to go to a past life and learn so many beautiful things. It is good to get awakened at an early stage to purify and make our life more enchanting and worthwhile.
A very relaxing and rejuvenating experience and I saw 3 lives that really helped me.