About the founder (Neelam Singh)

My journey on this path has been really long. I first suffered myself and to find the solution for my sufferings, I ended up receiving a gift from existence in the form of this beautiful method of past life regression, hypnotherapy, and healing therapies. I had a fear of death since I was very young and at one point in life, I was severely depressed and fighting with my fear and anxiety disorders. I took medicines and did everything possible to heal myself but nothing was enough. I started meditations that helped me to overcome my anxiety but still, there was something missing because I had no reason to fear death or diseases as no such event took place in my life or in my family. I then found Osho, my master, and started listening to his discourses where I heard him mentioning about past lives and that caught my attention. I started doing deeper meditation and practiced all possible techniques that I could use to know my past life and finally it happened. My past lives were revealed to me and after I researched deeply and I found many hidden secrets of life. Within some time I was completely healed and my fears were all gone. Now it was the time to share it with others also and that’s what I have been doing for the past 15 years.My journey is still on and each day I’m able to learn something new about life and every client of mine & their journey has something new to teach me.


About Smarana

Smarana is a past life regression, hypnotherapy, Akashic Records, and healing center. We have created this place with the blessings and messages of our spiritual masters that we received during our many years of journey that we have spent exploring all the aspects of inner mysteries and possibilities that can help us to deal with our many life problems that are beyond the capability of the human mind. It’s a place where you can find answers to your questions and solutions to your unsolved problems and find the path of your journey.

And to do so, you need someone to be the medium of connection between you and your masters, angels and your soul. And to help you experience that, we at Smarana have various services and therapies such as past life regression, hypnotherapies, healing sessions, Akashic Records and Tarot reading. We have the best past life regression therapist and also the best Akashic Records access that tells you all about your journey of past as well as the possibilities of your future.


We want to share and spread the love that the universe showers on everyone. But most of us often fail to feel it or realize it due to our hectic schedules, daily issues and busy lives. We even ignore the many blessings that we have received in the form of our family, friends, creativity, ability to feel, smile, dance, enjoy, blissfulness, and much more.

That is why we are here to help you so that you can take a break and re-connect with life again by experiencing what has been your journey so far and how you can make the most of it because it also reveals the Future possibilities that can help you in a great way.