A lady who has taken a couple of sessions before called me and said that for the past few days she is finding herself feeling less, she is normally a very emotional person and that’s why she was feeling so strange that her emotions have vanished all of sudden. She was feeling so detached from everyone and everything, even from a person with whom she is madly in love. Since she is a spiritual person and does meditation regularly, she was able to understand this change and wanted to know the reason and find the solution for the same.

Past Life Regreesion-
During PLR therapy she saw herself standing in an old fort built from stones. There is no one else except her so she goes inside and sees a man standing in front of a giant statue that she doesn’t recognize but it is made of stone and painted black in color. There is a bowl filled with blood placed next to it, but she can’t see further. She is now at her home which is in some village and she lives with her husband there who is sick and very weak. Her name is Ganga and she is in her early 20’s. She is taking care of her husband and doing her daily chores but she is feeling herself in some kind of hypnotic state. She loves her husband but today she is not even feeling his pain and suffering as if there is no emotion left in her. She gets really worried as it’s not her usual state but still she doesn’t have control over it. She then saw that she is going to a Sufi fakir who gives her two amulets (tabiz) for her and her husband to protect them for any kind of dark magic or negative energies. She takes back it home and gives one to her husband and they sleep peacefully that night. At night she sees a dream that there a vessel (kalash) covered with red cloth is kept hidden somewhere and her feelings are locked in it so she must find and destroy it. She recognized the place as the same fort that she saw at the beginning of a session and it’s located on the outskirts of the village. She goes there the next day and enters the fort where she sees a strange sign on one particular wall. She starts breaking the wall and finds the vessel inside which she carries back with her to destroy and burn it. In some days she starts feeling her usual self and feels her emotions are back too.
She also told that this whole thing was done by a man who was there in the fort at the beginning of the session. He does some kind of spells and dark magic on young girls to hypnotize them and misuse them for his bad deeds. She recognized this person as her ex-husband in the present life.

After the session, she was all well and found herself normal like before. Her feelings were back and she felt very peaceful.

Many of us might not believe it but it cannot be denied that there are people who are so negative and are on the wrong path that they always want to dominate and control others by using any right or wrong method. They are the people who have lost their way and it will take long for them to come back to right path. There are people who are spiritual and worship the god or do positive rituals and then there are some people who are attracted to negative things and do dark magic or negative spells. The way there are good souls who want to help people and use their powers for good, the same way there are negative spirits too but their purpose is to trouble others with the help of their negative powers.

Such souls are against love and positivity and they do anything to destroy love but as long as we keep ourselves positive and keep our faith in God, such souls cannot harm us. There is always one thing to remember that negative spirits can only scare us but cannot harm until and unless we surrender ourselves to them. They can create trouble for sometime but keeping our faith up and with the help of love and positivity we can always stay ourselves protected from them. The answer to any negativity or evil thing is prayer and love.