Q. How do your therapies work?

A. If it’s about the process, it is a combination of deep meditation & hypnosis. Our multiple life-transforming therapies work with the help of divine blessings of spiritual guides and masters that assures you to show you the divine light and right path to follow and come out of your struggle.

Q. What are the problems your therapies can deal with?

A. Our therapies are helpful for problems such as health, relationships, financial blockages, fear & phobias, anxiety & Depression, personality disorders, addictions, confession, meditations, personality development, spiritual, soul nourishment, and emotional traumas & other unexplainable conditions. We can say, it helps with almost all the problems.

Q. Where are these problems coming from?

A. If we are unable to find the reasons for our present problems or fears right in the present, then this must be something that is coming from the past. It might be something that we have forgotten but have not healed and this is why it is calling us. So, we have to go back and search for those reasons in the previous lifetimes where we have been in different forms and characters.

When we experience and visit our past lives that is the point when we realize that it is an endless journey and things are not happening to us for the first time. It is not about one or two lives. We have been here for a long time now on this infinite journey. We have become a witness to several incidents. Thus, we have collected many memories such as fears, anger, sadness, love, guilt, stress, anxiety, and such emotions and feelings are so deeply inherited in our subtle body that they keep on affecting us life by life till we understand it, experience it and come out from it with awareness. It’s our responsibility that after the knowledge of it, we heal and do not carry it for the rest of our life.

Q. What is the duration of therapies?

A. It can take a maximum of 2 hours for Past life regression and hypnotherapy. For healing sessions, it requires an hour at max.

Q. Any precautions need to be taken or any side effects?

A. As for precaution, we only recommend you to come after a good amount of rest and with enough time that is required for the therapy.

Since all the therapies are based on spiritual science, there are no after-effects.

Q. How do you decide which therapy to go for?

A. We decide that according to the problem and the person involved. But the main thing here is the interest of our client as all our therapies work for the same motive, which is to heal you. So, we explain all the services and benefits to our clients and the rest is up to them what they decide to go for. We guide them about everything but let them take the final decision.

Q. What if, after the therapy sessions, I still have some issues, doubts or queries?

A. When you connect with us and take therapy or a session, our connection doesn’t just end here. We are here for a lifetime- at any point; you feel the need for help or guidance, you can always get in touch with us. We, on the contrary, want our clients to feel free and keep us updated about their progress and life journey at any point in their life. If we can guide or help them, we will be grateful.

Q. How to choose the right therapist?

A. Well, this is an important question but difficult to answer because it is difficult to differentiate between a real and a fake.

So all I would say is to let your inner voice and intuition work here. With a little knowledge and awareness you will be able to make out the difference because the real has its essence and since it’s a spiritual science so just with the outer knowledge one can’t manage and inner knowledge is something that comes with experience so that cannot be copied at all. Go for the therapist you feel the connection with.