A boy in his mid 20’s came for a past life regression. He and his girlfriend have been in a relationship for a long time now. He had a very happy and cheerful nature before he met this girl but after getting into a relationship with her he started having depression and lost his focus and control on work. Things started working against him as he was not getting success in anything he was doing. This made him think that the girl brought bad luck for him and he started feeling if he hadn’t met the girl, all would have been fine. Even his family and friends also started suggesting him to leave the girl. In between their relationship duration, he took a break few times to maintain the distance from his girlfriend and every time he did so he felt positive feelings and changes in his life but after getting back to her all those things used to start again. Their relationship was very good and they had no issues on a personal level but this thing was creating a problem for him but since he really loved the girl he didn’t want to give up on her so he came for a PLR session to see if there is any help they can get.


Past Life Regression-

In his regression, he saw himself as 17-18 years old boy. The Village name is Khadimpur and the year is around 1939. He lives on the streets along with his family who earns money by making and selling iron vessels. One day a girl of same age comes to him to buy some items and he feels very attracted to her so he starts following her till she reaches her house. He then starts wandering around her house every day and one day as he finds an opportunity he tries to talk to her and they eventually become friends. After sometime he finds out that there is another boy who likes the same girl and that the guy is a known criminal. He gets so afraid of him that he starts spending all his time thinking that the guy will kill him and how nice it would be if he had not met the girl ever. He spends every minute in fear of being caught and killed but he still continues meeting with the girl. One day a friend of that girl comes to him to inform about the murder of that girl. He gets shocked and tries to enquire the whole situation and gets to know that the girl was killed by the same person. He starts going and standing next to the girl’s house hoping that she would come out and meet him someday but that never happens and he forgets her as time passes, He later gets married to another girl but they couldn’t have a child which makes him upset with his wife too and he spends rest of his life in depression and dies.


Solution/ Lesson

This session teaches us that whenever we meet new people and if the impacts are not positive so it’s not always their fault. So we should try and feel the intention of the other person and try to use our will power to come out of those impacts instead of blaming the other person or creating a distance from others. The boy now knows that it’s just his fears and thoughts that are making his life difficult and it has nothing to do with the girl so with this come to an awareness which he can use to protect his relation and himself too.

We meet many people in our lives and not everyone of them leaves a positive effect in our life so it is very important for us to see through their action and intentions to find if they really want your good or not. If you feel some of their intentions or actions suspicious then it’s okay to maintain your distance from them but if you don’t find anything wrong or negative at their end then you should try your best to save the relation and then look into yourself that what is it that is effecting your life and try to overcome from it as it will not only help you save your relations but it will make you a stronger and better person and you don’t have to live in regrets or what-ifs.