Problem- Even after having everything, he still feels restless, unhappy and lost.


Past life regression-

In this life, the client is 5-6 years old boy called Madhav who lives in a village with his parents and a brother. He is very naughty and careless. He loves to play but since he is very careless so someone always has to be around him to take care of him or protect him from any harm. As he turns little older, his father sends him to a nearby Ashram where a Pandit ji gives knowledge of shastra to children so he is also enrolled for the same. They all are given the instruction of rules and regulations after which they all accept and wear janeu (sacred thread). For first few weeks Madhav feels so restless and sad there. He doesn’t feel any interest in studies and always try to ignore classes or learning. After sometime he finally gets used to and starts to focus on learning as well. He finishes his Brahmin learning and now he is grown up into a young man. He starts performing puja and other rituals for people. Their parents get him married and he starts a family too. Despite of having everything he still feels restless and incomplete. He doesn’t have any interest in family or social life. One day while swimming in Ganga River, he experiences something unusual. His body gets fixed in some kind of trans and it starts floating on the surface of the river. He doesn’t feel scared but a little astonished and then suddenly he starts feeling restless. In that very moment suddenly a guru appears in front of him and gives him a message to find peace within. He asks him to cure his restlessness and walk the path of truth. He gives him blessings and disappears. When Madhav opens his eyes, he feels so peaceful and serene. All the restlessness is gone and his heart is filled with joy. He starts being happy and perform all task wholeheartedly and happily. He now wants to visit different places to learn more and share his experiences too. One night he leaves his house without telling anyone. He visits different places, temples, communes and he meets people from different culture. Wherever he goes and whatever he do, his thirst for spirituality remains unfulfilled. He even meets Meera Bai during his travel and seeks her blessings by touching her feet. He remains stunned because of her enlightened aura and grace. While seeking knowledge and travelling different places, he finally develops the desire of going to Himalaya and does his sadhana there. He reaches to Himalaya and starts climbing when he suddenly trips and falls from heights and dies. Even in death, he remains peaceful but he promises himself to fulfil this task or journey in next lives.


Karmic connection-

His soul is restless because of this incomplete journey and he unconsciously is still seeking the same peace. He didn’t create any karmic connection with this family as neither he was guilty nor did they face any problems because it was already a Brahmin family and this was not something unusual. His wife later was married to his brother so they spent their life happily.


Solution- He should start some spiritual activities like mediation or visiting places that give him peace. He should slowly start going inside and find peace as only this way he will find happiness.