A lady, who has done many sessions for her problem, called me and said that for past few days she is finding herself feeling less, she is normally a very emotional person and that’s why she was feeling so strange that her emotions were vanished suddenly. She was feeling so detached even from a person with whom she is madly in love. Since she is a spiritual person and does meditation regularly, she was able to understand this change and wanted to know the reason and find the solution for the same.

During PLR therapy she first found herself in an old fort made of stones. It was all empty there. She later saw a person standing in front of statue that she couldn’t recognize but it was big, made of stones and black in color. There was also a bowl filled with blood kept in front of the statue. She couldn’t see more and moved ahead. Next she saw herself in a village, a hut where she was living with her husband who was very ill and weak. She used to take good care of him but without any feeling, although she loved her husband a lot but still she couldn’t feel his pain and it felt like she was in some kind of hypnotic state where she didn’t have any control on her own. Although she was hindu but since she was so fed up with all this problems, she went to a sufi master who gave her 2 amulets (tabeez) for her and her husband to protect them from negative energies and black magic. Later she saw that she had a dream in which she saw a red Kalash ( a metal pot) which is kept somewhere and her feelings were locked in it and she felt that she has to go there and free her feelings from there. She saw that she used to do many spiritual rituals and because of her belief and with the help of divine souls, she reached to the same old fort that she saw earlier and after searching a lot she saw a wall that had a strange sign on it. She started breaking the wall, and saw the same Kalash inside which she saw in her dream. She took that Kalash and came back home and burnt it. Later she saw that her feelings were back and she was able to feel the emotions that were missing in that life. Later her husband also recovered from the illness and was healthy again. On asking that who did all this in that life, she said the same man she saw in that fort. She saw that the man used to perform black magic on females so that he could misuse them for his needs. By performing this black magic he used to control their souls for his wrong deeds. After the required healing the session was over.

Present Life

Now coming back to this life the person who did black magic on her is a very close relative in this life who had been having very bad impact in her life and family so finally after the years of patience she ended all the contacts with him. It’s been many months and suddenly she faced this problem so this could just be an impact of what happened in past life or since he is a very negative spirit so we never know if he is again doing something for the revenge or out of anger.

After the session she was all well and found herself normal like before. Her feelings were back and she felt very peaceful.


Many of us might not believe it but after the years of experience we can say that there are people who are so negative and are on wrong path, they always want to dominate and control others by using all right and wrong method. The way we are spiritual and do worships and other positive rituals, the same way such people are attracted towards negative things and do black magic, etc. The way there are good souls who want to help people and use their powers for good, the same way there are negative spirits too but their purpose is to trouble others with the help of their negative powers.

Such souls are against love and positivity and they do anything to destroy love but as long as we keep ourselves positive and keep our faith in God, such souls cannot harm us. There is always one thing to remember that negative spirits can only scare us but cannot harm until and unless we surrender ourselves to them. They can create trouble for sometime but keeping our faith up and with the help of love and positivity we can always stay ourselves protected from them.