Problem- He is facing financial issues and he has also been having fear of the crowd.

Past life Regression-

In this life, a client is a man called Moti who lives alone and performs tricks and arts in fairs to make a living. He is a happy and positive man who spreads joy and happiness in others. One day a woman approaches Moti for her daughter’s marriage proposal which he kindly accepts and gets married. His mother-in-law also stays with them. His life is going fine and he is able to save some money for his future also. One night when he returns to his house from his work, he finds that his wife (present life daughter) and mother-in-law are not in the house. First he gets afraid thinking of some mishappening but soon realizes that they both have run away along with his money and belongings. He feels so sad and betrayed. He gets insecure and afraid that his everything is taken away. In such a moment of insecurity he decides to rob a rich house. He goes there at night and while robbing the house, the owner of the house wakes up and tries to catch him. Moti tries to escape from there but accidently kills the man in his struggle to escape. He runs away from there but the soldiers catch him so he offers them the gold that he has just stolen and run from there too. He finally reaches to a fair where he finds both the woman and goes to confront them but the wife who is now with another man shouts and creates a scene as if she is bullied by Moti. People believe her and beat Moti who now due to fear and shock finally dies.


Karmic connection-

Even if he was left with no money, he could have walked the right path instead of using the wrong way of making money. He could have complained about the women and earned the money by working in fairs just how he used to do earlier. As a result, in the present life he will face the financial issues but he has to keep faith in God and must not do anything unfair or illegal. The woman who was his wife is now his daughter in present life and she should in this life fulfil her responsibilities towards his father and try not to depend on his father’s money or help. Normally it’s other way around but in this case it’s this way due to karmic cycle. He will also be carrying the fear of crowd or being harmed by others.



It’s his habit to trust people easily so from his past life he should have learnt his lesson and be careful with people in believing or choosing them. As suggested above he shouldn’t approach the wrong ways to earn money or gain success.