Problem– He feels stuck in life and wants to find the purpose of his life. He often feels impatient and things go wrong all of a sudden when everything is going right.

Past life regression-
In this life, the client is an orphan child called bala who is adopted by a saint. It’s a spiritually blessed life. His guru gives him knowledge and teaches him all the good things. Bala learns with dedication and helps others too. He often shows right path to people who commit bad Karmas. As Bala gets older, he goes on his separate journey to seek further knowledge and truth. He stays in a blissful state and always engaged in singing, dance and deep meditations (sadhna). He loves to serve people and loves the animals too. He always takes care of others and shares his knowledge with them. He lives a very compassionate life but during the end of his life something happens that disturbs his spiritual journey. One day a man comes to his door to seek shelter. He gives him place to sit and food to eat. Later while he was in his meditation, the person tries to steal his things but he wakes up and stops him so he attacks him by hitting his head with a stone. Bala gets so angry with this as his whole life he never experienced any pain, betrayal or sadness. He was conveniently doing his meditation and following his path and he was in a very high place that he should have been capable of forgiving him. He used anger instead of using compassion and this extended his materialistic life to learn his lessons. He dies soon.

Karmic journey-
He gave a lot to the existence by sharing his knowledge and spreading love but the last karma affected his growth and journey. This was his first and last test of that life. He would have to learn to be patient in every situation.

He will be blessed with all the good things. He will always receive help if he is in any trouble.