The sacrifice or kindness holds no value if you keep regretting it

Problem- The client suffers from unknown depression and a lack of satisfaction in life. She often feels a strange sadness that she is unable to explain.


Past life regression-

In this life, the client is a young girl who is now at the age of marriage. Her name is Ranno and she lives with her family who is now looking for a suitable groom for her. She also has a younger sister (her daughter in present life). Ranno likes a boy called Sughan who lives in their neighborhood. Ranno’s sister also likes the same boy and before Ranno could say anything, her sister confesses her feelings in front of her. She gets sad and heartbroken but she pretends to be happy for her sister. One day Ranno’s mother comes and asks her about Sughan and says she can send a proposal for her but she denies and asks for sometime. Ranno then contemplates and finally decides to sacrifice her love for her sister and asks her mother to look for another man as she is not interested in Sughan. She also informs her mother about her sister’s feelings and asks her to send a proposal for her sister instead. Later, she gets married to another man (her present husband) and her sister gets married to Sughan. She is happy for her sister but upset for herself. She is not happy with her husband as he is an alcoholic and often stays out till late using the work as an excuse. She later gives birth to a daughter and continues to live a normal life. She is old now and alone in the house. She is thirsty so she drinks water from a vessel that is contaminated and she falls sick and dies of illness. She always kind of regretted her sacrifice and even in her last moments, she thinks about Sughan.


Karmic connection and Impacts on the present life-

She sacrificed her love for her sister’s happiness which was a good Karma but she regretted her decision later which failed her sacrifice. She remained so unhappy that she is still carrying the same sadness and pattern. She is lacking real happiness/satisfaction in her life. The presence of her daughter also gives her unknown depression sometimes which comes from this life. She also holds some kind of resentment from her husband internally in the present life which is due to his behaviour in this past life.


Solution –

She should meditate and heal herself. She should let of this feeling and break the chords from the past. That boy met her as a friend and she shared a good bonding with him so that is over now. She should also learn a selfless act. She either should not sacrifice if she is not doing it with her whole and making herself disturb in the process or if she does then she should do and let go of and never think or regret it later.