Past Life Regression

In this life, the person is a six-year-old child called Birju who lives with his parents in a village. His father is a labourer and both his parents are very kind human beings and they teach the same morals to Birju also that he should always help other people and put them before him. One day Birju sees his father being humiliated by his boss as he had taken a loan and was not able to repay it on time. Although his parents later sell some jewellery and repay the loan this leaves a huge impact on little Birju who starts to hate being poor. When Birju grows up he starts working as a gatekeeper in the palace. One day he witnesses a wealthy man beating a poor boy and instead of helping the poor everyone is favouring the rich man. Birju interferes to see the matter and finds out that the poor boy is in love with the daughter of the rich man so he was beating him to keep him away from his daughter. Birju then asks the poor boy if the girl is also in love with him and the boy says yes to him. After that Birju lectures the rich man that this is not the boy’s fault that he is born poor so he the right to love cannot be taken away from him and since his daughter is also involved with the boy so he should go and teach his daughter. Birju later contemplates about the inequality and the arrangement between the rich and poor by society. He thinks a lot and comes up with a solution and starts working on it. He leaves his job and starts robbing the rich people to help the poor and he does it so cleverly that he never gets caught. He continues to help people and take care of his parents too. In between, he falls in love with a girl and starts thinking to stop all of this and settle down as he has helped enough but then he remembers those moments of his father and the poor boy so he feels that his life is meant to serve people and he continues to live the same way. As he gets older, he starts a small business with his savings and lives with the help of the earnings. He continues to help people with his earnings too and dies peacefully.

Karmic connection-

He helped so many people and never became greedy as he only took the required amount for himself and gave rest all of it to the people in need. He should meditate and go deep inside to awake the same awareness and compassion that will give him courage and positivity.


He achieved growth at the soul level by helping this many people. Whenever he will start helping others, his life too will get better and he will always be helped and supported by the existence.