Problem- He feels spiritually inclined but still is unable to pursue his spiritual journey.


Past life regression-

In this life, Manish is a middle-age man called Sandhik. He lives alone in a village. He is considered to be a wise man by the people of the village who often bring their problems to him and he answers them or helps them in finding the solution. It all started when one of his friends came to him to share his problem with him. He then suggested something randomly which his friend followed sincerely and it worked. Since then his friend started sharing it with other people and bringing the people to his hut. He instead of telling the truth to people started pretending to be someone with psychic powers. If his suggestions work for people, he gets the praise but if it doesn’t work for them then he blames them back saying they must have not followed his suggestions properly. Soon he becomes famous for telling people rituals as a solution to their problems and takes money in return. The excuse he gives to charge money is that he uses all this money for the poor but he doesn’t do so. His friend (brother in present life) becomes his partner and they continue to cheat people. Soon many people from other places also start coming to him and he really starts thinking of himself as some divine soul. One day a real Sanyasi passes by that village and gets to know about Sandhik. He understands everything and challenges Sandhik for a spiritual debate. Sandhik has to agree for it and the challenge starts. The sanyasi questions him about life mysteries and soul existence.

Sandhik gives some random answers that he had heard somewhere but couldn’t handle much so he makes an excuse for mediation and leaves the discussion in the middle. People who already have enough faith in him don’t doubt and ignores the real sanyasi. Later at night, Sandhik invites him into his hut and his men beat the sanyasi and threaten him to leave the village immediately. Sandhik continues to be a fake master and uses all the money for his luxuries. He dies with the same belief that he really was a master or a divine soul.


Karmic connection and Impacts on the present life-

He cheated many innocent people and played with their faith. More than anyone he cheated himself by thinking himself a divine soul despite knowing his own reality. If he wanted, he could have used the opportunity and achieved real knowledge and helped people genuinely. He threatened and mistreated everyone who tried to unveil his real identity. The impact of the same on his present life will be the spiritual blindness and blockages. He would meet some people who would try to misguide him and betray him.



He must pray and seek forgiveness from existence. He should help people who have lost his way and save them from getting into fake or wrong paths. He should guide as many people as he can to earn genuine blessings. He himself should be aware such fake gurus and start his spiritual journey step by step. He should make sure that he only shares or suggests that he really knows and have experienced.